Each of us has an interest or curiosity to know about the future. People are in search of all life problem solution through astrology from ancient times. Everyone in this world has his/her fortune which depends on the acts, actions, thoughts and also on nine planets of our universe. Astrology is based on planetary position which has physical, mental or behavioral impact on the human beings. A Best Astrologer can see the past, present and future by the help of kundali and able to provide the real remedies to overcome from hard situation and to make strong your positive points.

Kundali or birth chart is prepared by the time of birth and date of birth. Astrology depends on planets and planets are rounding at their place so it is important to note down the correct time of birth so that real future can be predicted according to planetary position. Each planet has a specific period of time according to kundali of a native which is called Dasha, Anterdasha, Mahadesha. Some planets have good or positive impact on human being but some dasha are considered for their negative impact according to vedic astrology I.e. Shani Sade sati, rahu, ketu etc.

Best Astrologer can predict the future on different parameters of life like opportunity of growth, career, business, family, marriage etc. Ketan Joshi is Best Astrologer in India and he is having many years of experience in free astrology prediction . He is the one who can guide you for a successful and happy life. One of advice given by Best Astrologer Ketan Joshi can change your life by providing remedies for life problem.

You often come across the word 'astrology' in day to day life. Have you ever wondered - what does it mean? Astrology is the study of correlation between astronomical positions of the planets and events happening on Earth. It is believed that positions of planets revolving in universe at the time of an individual's birth, have a direct impact on the person's personality.

Astrology is one of the best tools to understand oneself and other related humans. The natal birth chart of a person (commonly known as horoscope) is used as the base for making predictions about his/her life. Astrology has the power to describe the behavior,personality of an individual and can also foresee the future of a person. However, astrological predictions must not be taken as an excuse for any behavior because, our destiny depends partly upon our astrological signatures and partly upon our 'Karma'.

The world of astrology has different branches which includes Vedic Astrology (Sidereal astrology),Numerology,Horary astrology,Palmistry,Chinese astrology,Western Astrology (Tropical astrology), Electional astrology (Muhuratam), Nadi astrology, Tarot ( Intuitive astrology), Vaastu shastra, Feng Shui etc.

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