Child Astrology

Horoscope is the construction of your basic placement of planets at time of birth in a pre-decided format called the birth chart. The Indian system prescribes the following areas to give the results of effects of planets on a human's life. Raising children is a big job, no matter what your kid’s zodiac sign. Astrology can help you make sense of the process.

Childhood, is a period of development when we are still very open to inner changes; a very fertile time when everything is a surprise. The seed of life is in the beginning of its development. The inner side of a child, is like a garden, to be cared for and responds to whatever is put into it. The partners who are astrologically compatible bring about good children. Proper time for conception is recommended by our 'sastras'. In general, if a female conceives.

On the days 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16th from the date of her menstruation, the birth of a male child would take place. The 'lagna' of birth will be consistent with the Moon at the time of conception. Astrology is an instrument, a scientific tool, to measure the psychological state of children, its diagnosis is most accurate, in the individual's dynamics. Children are too young to understand and express logically their feelings and thoughts. Astrology applied to children is of a great help to the parents, because it lets them understand the inner patterns of their loved ones.

Astrology is one of the beautiful tools to help the individual. Talking about elements for instance, we can find a child who shows a lot of emphasis on fire: This is an indication of an explosive temperament. Suppressing this type of energy can cause frustration and lack of creativity. If we go to the opposite extreme, we can find the child with too much emphasis on water. In this case, more sensitivity must be expressed from the parents because the child needs more self trust if he is to become more outgoing.

Loving your little angel is the easy part; understanding this new little person is something else again. In astrology the fifth house which is also called as “Poorva Punya Bhava” indicates progeny, ninth house which is fifth, from fifth on the basis of principle of “Bhavaath Bhavam” as well as the seventh house are important for the birth of the child. All these houses and their lords should be well placed in the birth chart as well as the navamsha. The fifth, seventh and ninth lords should not be debilitated, combust, ill placed, under malefic aspect, involved in inauspicious yogas like “papakarthari yoga” etc. Jupiter the karaka for progeny should be strong both natal horoscope as well as Saptamsha. All the above mentioned points should be checked in Navamsha and from Moon, Ascendant and the lord’s shouldn’t be afflicted.

In Children Astrology, the time of birth is predicted using dasha principles, transits, annual charts etc. Point to note in when studying transits is that Mars is as important as Jupiter as Mars is the signifactor of blood, plays a very important in conception. Mars transits/aspects should be there in the aforesaid houses/planets at the time of birth or within +-75 days of birth of child.

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